If you feel like you need a extra hand or wish to learn how to improve your art and take it to the next heroic level I offer tutoring and private lessons to ages from 11 -> .

I will teach you how to draw from life and improve your artistic skills. I can teach you how to work with charcoal or pencil. I can teach you how to make illustrations with photoshop as well as color those illustrations. I can also teach 3D Animation and 3D sculpture. If you wish to learn character design I can teach you the ropes on that as well. I can also help you get a portfolio together to hopefully get you into an art college.

I will drive to your home and teach you there*. (50 Mile Limit) So sign up and learn what it means to be a hero of the arts. To bring color and form to the world. To create art so wonderful that you touch many people's lives with it.

If your interested please fill out the form on this page.

I’m available Saturdays and Sundays. from 8am to 5pm


  • 1 Hour: $50.00
  • 1 -> 2 Hours: $90.00
  • 1 -> 3 Hours: $100.00

* I reserve the right to refuse anyone based on distance or location or willingness to commit to the arts.